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Amazon approved digital marketting course

This course is designed with an aim to provide students, There are various practical and applicable aspects of marketing and brand management that includes understanding different types.
A sound understanding of such fundamentals helps students appreciate concepts of segmentation, targeting, positioning differentiating, pricing and branding strategies which we necessary to design effective marketing and branding strategies for the organization. The course concludes with sessions on integrated communication and digital marketing which are extremely relevant in the growing e-world.(Who we are)

Who should attend DDM

Students - Undergraduates/graduates/MBA(Marketing)
To understand the various aspects of digital marketing in order to shape up their career.

Professionals - Marketing professionals(all level)Business Development executives
To upgrade their skills and fast track their career.

Entrepreneurs - To channelize and promote their business digitally
in order to attain sustainable business growth.

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Introduction to E-commerce

E-commerce Business process
Marketplace models
Listing & merchandising
Order processing & packaging
Customer Support

Soft Skills

Verbal communication skills
Written communication skills
Freelancing skills

Introduction to ATE

ATES seller service
ATES seller acquisition
Sales pitch
Selling on Amazon-registration
Listing products
Managing seller account
payment process

Basic MS Excel

quick access tool bar
Formula bar
Spreadsheet bar
status Bar